Monday, 19 December 2011

Blog tak cantik takpa.. asal isi dia puas hati kan?

Hye, halo, ola and Assalamualaikum.. wah!! at last a post after forever delaying everything from A-Z! So here's a new blog and sapa-sapa yang follow blog sebelum ni akan tau that there was a post before this, yes there was one tapi sudah delete. Why was it deleted? just because i didnt want to think about the past and i just wanna start out fresh, so lets pretend like this is the first post ever. Some blogs share information, some share fashion and interest while mine is more like a public diary. Diary? bukan diary sepatutnya private ke? yes, but of course takkanlah nak cerita benda-benda yang private SANGAT dekat sini right? so i'll just write things that i wanna share that seemed okay to be shared with for example funny and unexpected things that happen ect. So for this post i'm just gonna blabber about things that i've been saving up since forever! okay tipu since OTW buat blog baru je :P.

okay so, as some may know i have a new boyfie~ dont ask about the last one cause i pretty much erased him out of my life. I've had enough of being there for someone who doesnt appreciate it,had enough of giving chances that arent used wisely, and so i've let go and started new :) I'm glad that i got over it really quickly, guess that not only me but my whole mind,body and soul really wanted to let go, maybe i've grown to tired of being there.So enough of that, what about now? buat apa cerita benda-benda tak best kan? so now i'm really happy to say that i'm super happy! i dont how to describe how happy i am but maybe Bahagia? well kalau tak faham tu lantak kaulah kan? sorry to the non malay readers :P its been 4 month since but i'm glad that nothing bad has happened, there's no "Ah! you ni blaa..bla..blaaa..." u know what i mean? gaduh-gaduh lah dalam bahasa senang kan? and we could always give and take, we share everything and tkda rasa macam ruginya duit aku habis hari ni sebab dia takda duit ect. its always aku tolong kau, nanti kau tolong aku punya situation, like i said lah give and take. takkanlah nak lovey dovey only bila ada duit right? what about the times that he doesnt have any money? when he isnt having a good time of day? mesti ada ntuk dia gak kan? thats what i mean. I'm there for him and he's there for me. kan? so thats about itlah kot.. kalau aku tulis lagi memang post ini akan jadi sangat panjang and annoying for readers who dont love the lovey dovey stuff. I'll save up other stuff next time. this post memang save untuk ini je.. LOL memang orang akan rasa annoyed dengan post ini. SORRY! hehe..

Till Next Time,

Ave Whitlock

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

New Bloggy

this blog will be active in the mid of December tq :)