Thursday, 28 June 2012

Dont Think, Just Click!

Salam kepada kekawanku.. hari ni kita nak berbicara tentang security kat laman sesawang(bak kata orang putih tu World Wide Weblah kan?) kay, of course semua orang ada Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram,  Tumblr ect. tapi adakah privacy n keselamatan kita terjamin? niaaaahhhh haaaa... inilah dia. A lot of us have set our facebook pages n twitter pages private (cerita pasal the main two sudahlah kan?), but still adakah betol ianya private? jeng..jeng..jeng.. without actually noticing we have been allowing unknown people into our facebook n twitter pages. how u may ask? by approving without actually knowing that person. If you really need to approve unknown people for work purpose please create a page which does not mix up with your private life. Eg. a lecturer making a page for teaching use where the students could add to ask questions ect. and having a private facebook for private use. Isnt it bothering to always see newsfeeds by unknown people or unwanted people or people that are just friends to friends? face it! berapa ramai orang dalam friend list korang yang korang approve hanya kerana ada mutual friends yang ramai, padahal TAK KENAL PON! hah.. kan? "eh normallah tu", tahu tak korang especially girls yang gambar korang banyak dicuri tanpa korang tahu? a lot of pictures di ambil melalui kaedah paling simple n of course orang bodoh pon tahu buat iaitu right click n save image as, or just simple copy n paste, people could manipulate the pictures for their own use n kalau guna untuk benda baik-baik takpalah kan? but what about using it for the wrong purposes, haaaa.. kan? ramai yang dah terkena disebabkan PHD!(perasaan hasad dengki) lelaki pon ada yang terkena tau? jangan tak tau. kalau perempuan usually they would super impose the pics into nude n sexy pic's ect. tetapi lelaki ni selalunya terkena ngan facebook, twitter or blog fake yang menggunakan nama n picture lelaki tersebut n post dia semestinyalah terbaik kan? they would post unwanted n pornographic stuff just to make it seem like your that type of guy! indeed your close friends would not believe all these kan? because they know who you are, but what about orang yang tak kenal korang?? n macam mana pulak if your parents find out? they would be damn ashamed for real! so... janganlah main approve je tau? other than that, terdapat ramai orang yang suka stalk n are using their friends facebook to stalk people, jangan tak tau! they would read your posts n stuff n might use that against u! yelah bukan susah nak print screen kan? n this could also jatuhkan korang d masa depan kelak. perempuan lak, an unknown hot guy following you, do you honestly think its him? if it is then kudos to you my friend cause u might be that gorgeous.. but what if that isnt the real him? he's someone totally different? He knows every single thing about you, n you chat with the guy once in a while n BOOOM!!! get raped or probably killed or kena tipu duit! So please if you set your stuff to private keep it private, if you dont mind weird n unwanted guests into your facebook go ahead dont think, just click! by doing so, its the same as opening the door of your house n inviting in thieves, psycho killers or even just a stalker. Its not my problem if something bad happens but still, dont be such a retard. We are educated people and understand the meaning of privacy. Restriction is vital and not everyone could be trusted, i know i sound like a guy who's going to war but its common sense. Its better to be paranoid than annoyed or just plain idiotic. So dont just click, but think then click!

Think and click,

Ave Whitlock.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Merajuk ah!

Benci google n internet cause all that i composed got lost! ergh! :'( nite