Friday, 17 February 2012

The "Hi, I'm a bitch but you dont know it yet" act.

Have you ever experience the feeling where you meet someone new and at the exact moment you look or hear this persons voice its like OMG! this guy/girl is a f*ckin' bitch!? I bet everyone of us have experience this particular situation. But what if you dont even know this person, and your just like browsing over facebook and you saw this persons profile picture and you feel this disgust feeling in your stomach like "eh? sumpah minah ni macam perasan hot siot" or "ek elaaahhh... mamat ni macam best sangat je" or something similar. I usually think in English so what would go through my mind would usually sound like this "omg! you honestly think your hot?" okay i dont want to sound bitchy or macam tak puas hati, but sometimes when i browse through facebook or maybe through some other websites this happens. Honestly when I look back at all those things after getting to know these people sometimes macam alamak menyesal sangat aku pikir macam tu, but almost all the other times would be "Yup, dah agak dah. This girls a bitch". so aku tak taulah pendapat masing-masing right? but i find this really common, and it happened to me too. There's this one time where a girl from another class in my school without any soul purpose or reason hated me! and i dont even know this girl, but eventually we became friends. So i thought yeah, i might not be the only one feeling this because some  other person had felt that about me. I guess our first impression differ kan? Hurm.. sorry post ni macam takda  purpose macam saja-saja nak lepas geram sebab dah lama tak menulis kan? so here it is. Luahan perasaan mak, sebab lately this thing is happening again, and rasa bersalah because i dont even know this girl. what if she's such an angel that i just want to cuddle her? hehe.. okay itu dah lebih kan? Till Next Time.

Yours Sincerely,

Ave The Strange.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The "awkward" Moments

Remember those times when something awkward would happen, and you would react in a way that sometimes give away your awkwardness?? now lets celebrate by looking back at all those awkwardness.. here's some of mine. oh good..

1. That awkward moment in school where you spaced out and the teacher asks you something and all eyes are on you, and the first thing that comes to mind is "aaaaaaa....." (then of course comes the punishment, ouch!)

2. That awkward moment at a very special date when everything was all sweet and romantic and everything was so perfect then suddenly... "pooooffff" you farted. uh! (and he was a crush too)

3.That awkward moment when you walked into a room of people (the crush is there too) and everyone suddenly went quite. you rushed to sit down beside your friend then realized you forgot to zip your pants.

4.That awkward moment when your voice is the only one heard in your class cause everyone else is quite.

5. When you met someone you know, but forgot the name and you go like hey! hows it going and so.. trying to act like you know em' and they go "you dont remember me do you?". damn!

6. Your calling out to the person in front of you thinking it was your friend and grabbed them by the shoulder only to realize oh sh*t! its the wrong person.

7. Your wrote up something sweet to text to your boyfriend and mistakenly sent it to your mom, and your mom replies "gotcha!". that was the worst yet. =_="

so those are some of my awkward moments from the past that i could remember and they effected me deeply, i now check each time i'm text someone and i always do rechecks before going out of a fitting room or toilet to make sure that everything is nice and secured (you know what i mean). So thats all for today kids.
Signing off.

Your Sincerely,

Ave Whitlock