Saturday, 29 March 2014

Yoga is not Yogurt

Hi, hello & Assalamualaikum everyone. So I got married & did not update anything. duh.. i know i've been saying that i wanted to do like topics on my blog so that i can share my thoughts according to topic but lately keeping a blog seems like the hardest part of all. Yeah, yeah.. it's just typing everything you say onto the net but of course you have tons of other stuff to do that you barely have time to post up anything, well anyway i need to go straight up to the topic that I wanted to share & no it is not my wedding I shall share that a little later on. Today I have finally taken an initiative to take on Yoga, although I am still weighing in the option to exchange it with Pilates. I have tried a few simple movements before to keep my tummy firm & tight but lately I have been skipping on it & bam!! I now have a tummy that actually folds! I have love handles & that my friends is not attractive. So to start off I downloaded this Yoga app called Daily Yoga, it's not that I do not want to attend a full on class but right now I am still looking for a suitable class. So this Yoga app is kinda great if you are looking for a simple workout in the morning or to just relax, there are modes that you can choose from ranging from meditation(I don't actually do this, I skipped this part), breathing, sitting positions, standing positions ect. there are tons to choose from although the slimming, abs, but & boobs workout needs to be payed, and oh! before i forget you have to actually download each and every workout, the workout time ranges from 10-15 minutes. 

So I've downloaded this forever and just tried it out today & man does it feel great to stretch again and like I said before I am still weighing the options between Yoga & Pilates, I'm still doing the research on that. There are also plenty of other Yoga apps that you could try out like Yoga trainer although it just uses simple graphic rather than show you through video like the first app i mentioned. So yeah that is about it. Happy trying out. Always remember a healthy body leads to a happy mind and a healthy lifestyle, and of course there's the perks of looking ridiculously gorgeous and fit.

even kids can do it people!

Fit is the new slim!

Love you always,

Ave Whitlock.