Monday, 27 May 2013

Dusting off the Sawangs..

So hello there whoever you are, yeah.. bertahun-tahun baru reti nak update blog kan? sibuk mengalahkan PM kononnya. Anyway, today I figured it's about time i updated this dusty old blog (sawang tergantung). So what the hell am i gonna talk about today? to top it off, i'm typing these words in the middle of the night while listening to Salam Music on the player and before i start to drift away talking about music i better start talking about what i'm supposed to talk about. Well i'm not "supposed" to type about it, i just want to (macam wajib lak tulis blog). So today i decided to add on some extra pages to my blog, why? because a friend of mine tegur dan tanya pasal my engagement and I realized that i have not updated nor made any adjustment what so ever to my old stinkin blog! So I decided to add some tabs (tu je pon) hahaha.. I decided to add these on because i just thought it would make my blogging easier and more organised, since I sometimes have a lot to talk about from different topics and it might be easier for people to browse through according to the topics, for instance I've set up tabs for "Health & Beauty", "Wedding" and "Hijrah & Motivation" because you know i loooooveee to nag like a "Mak Cik" kan? and I sometimes like to share some things regarding religion because I am still new to the whole concept of following our religion properly and so when I read through articles and the quran i feel that i would like to share it on my blog, but i just end up sharing it on facebook because i'm too lazy to sort things out on my blog, now takda alasan dah for not posting kan? Now i'll elaborate on the things i'll talk about according to topic's maybe senang sikit faham kot gitu?

1.  Home : My Life
     Would be the main page of course the hot, hit and fresh from the oven happenings. 

2. Health & Beauty
    Here, i'll share my beauty tips. Wahhh.. macam cantik sangat je kan? I might not be the prettiest person, but i rarely get breakouts. So skincare tips, the best "affordable" skincare and beauty tips like the best drugstore makeup or something. On health i will share my food choice and outdoor activities, I might not     be the most active person, but i make use of the little time i have with small exercises like skipping rope.

3. Le Fashion
    Okay, again i know "style sangat ke kau pakai?" and the answer is not really. I have my own sense of style, and i have reasons for choosing the clothes i wear. So here i'll share Outfit of the day(OOTD) and new clothes that i buy online or offline. I might also do a few hijab tutorials sebab orang asyik tanya "macam mana pakai tudung gitu, buatlah tutorial" and stuff like that. So i just might,  and just to point out here that I am not the most stylish person therefor i wont be dressing up everyday(bukan tak pakai baju ye?).

4. Hijrah & Motivation
    haaa... dah terangkan dah tadi kan? So i'll make it short and sweet.. Hijrah i'll be sharing posts related to things i recently learned from the religion topics and i'll be sharing stories of motivational things that happen to me in my daily life, topics such as bully and respect are the type of topics that will be featured here. 

5. Wedding
    Wedding? wedding pon ada ke? Am I a wedding planner? noooo... not at all, but I am getting married next year and this tab will be featuring my preparations for my upcoming wedding. So keep your fingers crossed hopefully everything will run smoothly. 

6. Travel & Food (will be updated later)
     I sometimes travel to places and here i will share my memories from all those travels. Other than travel I would also do some reviews on food, yelah mana tempat sedap and so on. These topics might help you on your travels and also help you find new places to have dinner. aite?

So far those are the topics that i would like to cover and hopefully i could actually full fill this promise of mine that i keep breaking!!! tak baik kan mungkir janji? So i'll try to keep up and write up a blog every week(hopefully) Soooo... Till next time.

Love you always,

Ave whitlock